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Making Your car rental needs Effortless

Car rental services with smart product solutions to run the business in the new digital.

Easy Travel Management

  • Role based booking configuration & Approval Matrix
  • Better management over vehcile category , cites and contract types
  • Safe Journey planner withour hassel
  • Ride confermation and automated communication
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About image

Easy Dispatching & tracking system

  • Simple User Experince for tracking and Booking
  • Add Guest on single click
  • Multi vendor, multi contract managemet
  • One click trip audit report
  • Access to an account to automate the flow of information solution

Easy Expense management

  • Easy Bill reconcilation & Management
  • Pay by credit card
  • Easy Configurable billing models
  • App automatically tracks trip KM & Time, customer signatures and Toll/Parking slips
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